Update Mapping Study on Non-State Actors in Ethiopia 2015

The CSF II, in collaboration with the multi-donor Civil Society Support Programme (CSSP), recently concluded a country-wide study to Update the Mapping of Non-State Actors (NSA) in Ethiopia. Similar studies had been undertaken in 2004 and 2008.

A team of consultants conducted the NSA Mapping Update Study, set out  to compile data and information on the distribution, profile and contribution of NSA in Ethiopa. Among the aims of the study is to assist the planning and implementation of on-going as well as forthcoming NSA capacity strengthening programmes, and to enhance the contributions of civil society to national development and democratisation processes.

A vast number of stakeholders have been consulted; based on these field-level consultations as well as document reviews, the study team has elaborated a report outlining status, changes, trends and other aspects of NSA operation and participation in Ethiopia. The team has also outlined aspects of innovation, operational challenges and opportunities, that informed recommendations for further action by different stakeholders (Government, donors and the NSA themselves). 

For more information, please refer to the attached document ("2015 Mapping Study" contains the general report and regional reports), or contact the TAU.

Mapping Study, 2004   

Mapping Study, 2008   

Mapping Study, 2015