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The Civil Society Fund II (CSF) programme is a joint initiative of the European Union  and the Ethiopian Government with the overall aim of increasing the role of Civil Society Organisations’ (CSOs) in the development and democratisation process of Ethiopia.

The programme is a continuation of the similar programme Civil Society Fund I (CSF I), implemented from 2006 to 2012 in two phases for a total of 10 million EUR. The current programme provides grant and non-grant support to Civil Society Organisations in Ethiopia to increase their human, material and technical capacities to enhance their contribution, participation and engagement in governance and development activities.

NEWS:Bogaletch Gebre of KMG-Ethiopia won 2012-2013 King Baudouin African Development Prize
Bogaletch Gebre, Executive Directress of KMG-Ethiopia won the King Baudouin African Development Prize for 2012-2013  “for her inspirational leadership and her determination to build on a remarkable personal journey to empower the women of Ethiopia and establish a true community-based movement for social change”.