The Ethiopia-EU Civil Society Fund II Programme (CSF II) is managing 17 grant contracts to Ethiopian civil society organisations (CSOs) worth €3.646 million, out of which the European Union contributes about 91.3%, i.e. €3.3 million. Additionally, 7 organisations have received a direct grant of a maximum of €50,000 to implement shorter projects of strategic interest.

The grants, awarded in June/July 2016, are one of the important components of the CSF II programme providing support to CSOs under the following 3 priority areas: 1) Supporting the Ethiopian NSAs' role in natural resources management, 2) Supporting the Ethiopian NSAs’ role in deepening governance, and 3) Supporting a multi-stakeholder, constituency-based approach to strengthen the NSAs' role in development.

The implementation of these grants contribute towards achieving the CSF II programme expected results of  increased human, material and technical capacity of NSAs to engage in governance and development; increased sustainability, accountability and constituency of NSA, and more effective and efficient delivery of services in the governance and development sectors.

The projects run for 24-30 months up to end of 2018 and are currently implemented in all the regions and the two city administrations of Ethiopia by 17 lead CSOs, involving a total 44 CSOs as partners.

This grant section provides an interactive map with an overview of each of the 17 projects including their objectives, expected results and activities, budget and project locations. 

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