VECOD launches second phase civil society project

Vision Ethiopia Congress For Democracy (VECOD), local charity organization, launched the second phase civil society project in three states and Addis Ababa City Administration aimed at creating open-eyed society and consolidating democracy through constructive discourse and civic engagement. The project is a joint venture Ethiopia-European Civil Society Fund II here in the capital.

VECOD Executive Director Tadele Derseh said: “Ethiopia has abundant resource and human power which require effective and wise mobilization in democratic manner for the good of the nation. In this regard, the organization is jointly working with various governmental institutions and development partners to support the realization of the national development objectives."

Project Director Bezawit Wondesen on her part said the project is expected to raise citizens active participation in the democratization process and sustaining the rapid economic growth afoot. It would also contribute to raise awareness on civic education, democracy, human rights, good governance and the nation's Constitution.

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission Human Rights Protection & Monitoring Directorate Director Mitiku Mekonnen also said: “As the government is committed to elevate the civic society participation at large, citizens across the nation are expected to exercise their rights using the project as an opportunity.”

Ethiopia-European Civil Society Fund II Project Grant Officer Frew Behabtu said: "We need the project be realized in the respective states to promote human rights, democracy, good governance and civic education meaningfully."

Amhara, Gambella,Benshangul Gumuz,Addis Ababa are where the project will be effected in three woredas in each state and the city administration.

Coordinators from each state assured VECOD that they would work vigorously with community leaders at grassroots level for the good

of the citizens. The project would be active for 18 -22 months.