NEWS:Human Rights Council commences its CSF II project

June 20, 2014 - The Human Rights Council (HRC) launched its Ethiopia-European Union Civil Society Fund II project worth about 200,000 EUR in Addis Ababa. 
The project aims to benefit survivors of human rights abuse, including about 3000 men and women. It is expected to contribute to the fulfilment of constitutionally recognised and granted rights of all citizens particularly in Amhara, Oromiya and SNNP regional states, Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa City Administrations.
The HRC project targets and works with the association of teachers, women, youth, labourers, People with Disability (PwD), and elderly, as well as higher learning institutions, regional and local authorities, legislators, justice sector officials at federal and regional levels.
The project will involve awareness raising  and public dialogue sessions, action-based researches, panel discussions on  human rights action researches and investigations findings on the potential adverse impacts of selected policies.
By the end of almost 2-year project period, HRC will enhance citizen's demands for legal aid and appeals for legal recourses on human rights abuses in the target regions, the culture of evidence-based dialogue on circumstances and trends of human rights promotion and protection amongst key stakeholders as well as strengthen the constituency and support base of HRC.
The project launching workshop, held on 17th of June  at the Ethiopia Hotel, was attended by senior staff of the Ethiopian Human Right Commission, the Ombudsman, European Union Delegation to Ethiopia, Addis Ababa City Administration, as well as HRC members, board  directors and regional office management, and other stakeholders of the association.
The event won the support and commitment of both the government and non state actors stakeholders, and expressed their support in creating conducive environment for efficient and effective implementation of the project while promoting and protecting constitutionally and globally recognised human right entitlements of citizens in Ethiopia.
The HRC is one the 18 organisations that won the CSF II grant and falls under the CSF II funding allocation on capacity development and service delivery in key governance areas, including gender equality.
The Council is a pioneer national association engaged in the promotion and protection of human rights and rule of law in the country. Established in 1991, HRC works towards building a democratic system, promotes rule of law and due process, and encourages and conducts human rights monitoring in Ethiopia.
Listen to Voice of America (VOA) Amharic coverage of the event here.