NEWS: TAU provides training to project staff of 18 supported CSOs

June 2,2014 - The Technical Assistance Unit for Ethiopia-European Union Civil Society Fund II organised the first training for project staff of civil society organisations that received grants from the programme.
The training held on 3rd of June to 4th of June 2014 at the Desalegn Hotel was attended by 43 project coordinators and finance officers of the CSF II grantees.
The CSF II has awarded grant contracts to Ethiopian CSOs in early 2014 worth €3.646 million out of which the EU contributes about 91.3%, i.e. €3.3 million. The new projects will run for 18-24 months up to beginning of 2016 and will be implemented in all the regions and the two city administrations by 18 CSOs, involving a total 30 CSOs as partners.
The training introduced CSF II and the Technical Assistance Unit and the focal staff to the new project staff and provided orientations on various contractual and financial EDF procedures to manage European Development Funded (EDF) funded project.
The training addressed CSF II origin and objectives, key elements for smooth project implementation,  monitoring and evaluation, communication and EU and CSF II visibility requirements, as well as financial management and reporting backed.
The TAU believes that the training was successful in achieving its objectives. The training oriented the project coordinators and finance officers on contractual and financial procedures of the EDF rules related to grant management and implementation for successful implementation projects. It also provided opportunities for learning and sharing as well as to network for the newly employed project staff.