The Ethiopian Herald, September 5th 2014 post - Gender based violence prevalence rate decreased study by FANUEL LAKEW

EU civil society fund II project launched    

ADDIS ABABA- Study shows that most forms of gender based violence (GBV) are still exist though there is a decreasing trend in the rate of prevalence as compared with empirical evidences said Alemu Gashaye M&A international centre for development research and consultancy service yesterday

European union (EU) civil society fund II project was also launched on validation workshop organized by Ethiopian women lawyers association (EWLA) in collaboration with advocates Ethiopia.       

According to the study on GBVs financed by EU which was conducted in nine selected woredas of Amhara. Oromia and Gambella state female genital mutilation is also showing a declining trend in practice and exists both in Oromia and Amhara states in practice while it is comparatively low in Gambella .

Alemu also said lack of self believe among females on themselves and submitting to the traditional thinking that males are superiors tendency to accept some forms of violence as normal, low level of attitudinal change towards the culture of male dominance. Lack of proper commitment among political leaders, cultural based mediation, among political leaders, cultural based mediation, among others are the challenges to fight different forms of GBVs in the surveyed woredas.

Thus, the study recommended that the awareness creation capacity development training should be very much focused and target more on attitudinal changes. The other is capacity building support to the local level and governmental organizations shall pay significant attention to put in place a system that endures their organizational and financial sustainability and have due attention to the documentation and reporting system of GBVs he added.        

 EWLA Executive Director Zinaye Tadess said that the reason to select only these states is the limitation of capacity and they have branch offices in the respective states.          

Zinaye alsosaid that in collaboration with Advocacy Ethiopia, EWLA would implement the project giving free legal services to protect gender violence and ensure gender equality and strengthening the association capacity on education, training, discussion forums and the like in Addis Ababa, Oromia, Amhara and Gambella states for 18 months with five million birr budget stating from April, 2014 .

 Women, Children and Youth Affairs Minister representative Abiy Efrem called up on concerned stakeholders including government to give due responses for the achievement of the projects in the states. He said that EWLA is one of civil societies in offering free legal services, ensuring gender equality and protecting violence against women and children.  

EU Representative Stephanie Carette for her part said that the fund is the joint initiative of the government. She also said that such initiatives are complimentary to EU cooperation programmes with the Ministry’s goals of women empowerment and gender equality.     

 Stephanie Carette noted that EU recognizes the efforts made by the government of Ethiopia on the improvement of Equality and exists of the women policy in the state and federal levels. However, she further noted, the issue related to gender equality and women empowerment are deep rooted highly attached to tradition. Hence, by increasing collaboration and efforts of the state and non state actors, it will possible to curb the previously gender inequality and wide spread violence against women and children, she added.