CSF II projects addressing access to justice, and maternal health

August 11, 2014 - The Ethiopian Lawyers Association (ELA) with its partner the Ethiopian Young Lawyers Association organised a one-day workshop on 8th of August, Addis Ababa, with representatives of federal and regional supreme courts, public defenders offices, police commission and prison administrations to generate adequate information on the legal and institutional environment within which the Public Defenders’ operate throughout Ethiopia.
The CSF II supported project of the ELA focuses on "Engaging the Justice Sector for Good Governance: Enhancing Justice Sector stakeholder’s capacity on Rights information, Legal aid and Legislative Advocacy.  One core activity deals with conducting a national research that will lead to a reform on Public Defender’s Office (PDOs), one of the key actors in the Criminal Justice Administration in the country.
Early in August, another CSF II grantee Impact Association launched its project "Enhancing the Capacity of Health Extension Workers to Improve Maternal Health in Emerging States of Ethiopia, in Jijijga, Somali region. The participants were drawn from regional stakeholders such as leaders of women federations, representatives of regional, Jigjiga, Fefen, Sity zones and their respective town’s Health & Women, Youth and Children Affairs Offices.
One of the results of the launching workshop besides familiarising and building consensus was the establishment of taskforce that plays coordination and facilitation roles during the project implementation period at regional and zone levels consisting of three members from Women, Youth and Children Affairs, Health and Women federations.