CCRDA News May 21, 2015

A half day consultative meeting on the performance of GTP I and prospects of GTP II was organized at the

training centre of CCRDA on May 21, 2015 for members and partners working in Oromia region and Addis

Ababa City Administration. On the occasion, representatives of the Ministry of Finance and Economic

Development and a private consultant delivered presentations on the performance of GTP I and major

pillars of GTP II.

Following the presentations, participants reflected on the performance of GTP I with respect to thematic

and sectoral areas of relevance to the broader civil society sector. While acknowledging progresses and

achievements in major strategic areas, the participants highlighted aspects where more emphasis and

actions are needed in the forthcoming second phase of the GTP. Among others, the participants suggested

more should be done in making the decentralization operational, in promoting inclusive development

coordination and growth, promoting gender equality, social protection, migration, youth development and


Also, diversifying income generating activities, employment creation, and expansion of social infrastructure

with due emphasis on quality, have been discussed in depth during the half day session. Participants have

commented that the consultative meeting has offered a good opportunity to initiate “review meetings on

GTP I at regional levels prior to the launching of GTPII”. They have indicated also that “as a country wide

plan, GTP II shall consider the inputs from CSOs for a better impact”. Meanwhile, the CCRDA representative

said that “similar platforms would be organized at regional levels for CCRDA members and other partners to

solicit input for GTP II’’.

A total of 46 member organizations and partners have attended the consultative meeting which was

technically and financially supported by the European Union Civil Society Fund (EU CSFII). Major

recommendations made will be shortly posted on the CCRDA website ( and we welcome

inputs from members and others to enrich the final output, which will be shared with stakeholders during a

forthcoming event on GTP II.