Media strategy workshop for gender equality and fight against gender based violence (GBV) in progress!!!

The Network of Ethiopian Women’s Associations (NEWA) and Women Can Do It (WCDI) are commencing Training Workshop on Media Advocacy with the support from CSFII Programme.  The aim is to equip the media personnel with techniques and strategies to complement their efforts in providing quality and standard messages in promoting gender equality and the fight against gender based violence (GBV).

The training-workshop is taking place in AA, Ras Hotel for two-days, June 28-29, 2017. 38 persons from Media houses operating at national and AA city, including EBC, AA TV, all FM Radios, and print Medias, such as Addis Admas are attending, out of which 30 are women.

During her visit, Mrs. Stephanie Carrette, Programme Manager and Gender Focal Person of the CSF Programme, noted in her remark that such intervention, a new of its kind, at least from recent years, is highly appreciable. The promotion of gender equality and the fight against gender based violence cannot go far without the active engagement of the Media. Hence, she emphasized that such capacity building is decisive as is the commitment of the participants and the Medias they are representing. She also wished a success in the effective completion of the workshop and future engagement of the Ethiopian media towards achieving gender equality in socio-economic, political, and legal aspects.