International Women Day

The Ethiopian Elderly and pensioners national Association (EEPNA) with its partners linked up its effort to celebrate the 2017 World Women’s Day with special focus on older women on March 14th in collaboration with ENIREDADA older people care Association. The aim of the event was to celebrate women and more specifically using this opportunity to raise the awareness of a large crowd about role, contributions and challenges of older women in Ethiopia.
The event was held on 14th March 2017 at ENIREDADA Older People Care Association Compound. The occasion saw the participation of 114 people comprised of representatives from older people, government, women’s federations, partners, staffs, as well as media, of which over 80 % (78), were women.
The celebration was marked by speeches and presentations, mainly on the topic of women’s day, however also offered a stage for success stories from older women beneficiaries. The event was marked by opening speeches from EEPNA vice board (Getachew Kiflu) and Social Security Agency officials (Yeshareg head of Women Directorate), EU-CSF II (Gimbwogish) and HelpAge representatives (Aman Wabe senior official), three case stories from older women IGA beneficiaries, briefings from care and support network organizations (Aynalem from care and support and Dawit from ENIREDADA), exhibition works.  The event was further highlighted by music and dance by older women and participants, poems by older women and ceremonial events of joint bread by older women representatives.
Banners bearing the logos of EEPNA, EUD, HelpaAge international and partners having different themes were seen hung at the entrance and inside the hall for all participants to see. In addition, brochures and stickers giving an overview what partners doing were also disseminated to participants. The event was color full in promoting aging issues and requesting a financial access for older women.